Integrate ServiceNow and Duo

Hi All,
I am trying to integrate ServiceNow and Duo for one of the use case.
In ServiceNow, a bot is established and it will validate the end user’s response, i.e., if the user enters the phone number, the ServiceNow system should check if that phone number matches in Duo database with that same number. If match found, then ServiceNow will ask further question to either update the phone number associated with the Duo account or delete the phone number.
I do have access to the endpoint. and other credentials. Although when I am trying to integrate, I am getting Status code as 401 Unauthorised and response as below:
“code”: 40104,
“message”: “Missing request timestamp”,
“stat”: “FAIL”
Could you please help me in rectifying this issue.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Kunal,
Just a heads up that I moved your post to the API forum, as that is a more accurate classification for this question and will help others find the solution in the future :slight_smile: I must admit, my ability to help with API questions is limited, but I’ll do my best!
We have this help article on Duo’s API responses and error messages, which states:

  • 40104 Missing request timestamp
  • EXPLANATION: A Date or X-Duo-Date header was missing or formatted incorrectly.
  • RESOLUTION: Ensure that the Date or X-Duo-Date header exists and is formatted correctly.

I would start there. Also, I found a few posts on integrating Duo with ServiceNow in the ServiceNow community, so you may also want to check there.