Install Duo Authentication Proxy on Ubuntu 22.04.1 missing install script

I am attempting to install Duo Auth Proxy 5.7.4-90d508b7a on Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 LTS. I am using the installation guide at Authentication Proxy Reference - Duo | Duo Security. I am able to get through the “make” process without trouble. When I change directory to duoauthproxy-build/ to run the install script, the script does not exist. I used “find” to try and locate the script, but it cannot be found. I have previously installed version 5.5.0 on a Rocky Linux server without trouble, but now I need to install on Ubuntu and I am getting the latest version. This does not seem like it should be unique to Ubuntu, though. Where can I find the install script or how do I complete the installation without it?

To clarify, you did this and received a file not found error on trying to run install? There were no errors in the make output that might have indicated an issue?

$ cd duoauthproxy-5.7.4-90d508b7a-src
$ make
$ cd duoauthproxy-build
$ ./install

That is correct. And I did not initially observe any errors in the make output, but to be honest, I am not familiar enough with it to recognize them. However, since I posted here, I was able to make contact with Duo support directly, and it was discovered there are Python errors in the make output. On my Ubuntu Server, I checked and found that Python is not installed. I did run the pre-requisite command from the install guide. I also found initially that gcc and make were also not installed, but I installed those manually. Support is checking to see which version of Python I need to install, and this will influence how I must install it. I don’t know if this changed since the release of Ubuntu Server 22.04 or if it would have been the same on an earlier release. Also, I am using Ubuntu Server, not Ubuntu Desktop. Desktop has some development tools preinstalled. At this point, then, I am aware of the cause, but I do not yet have a solution.

Confirm you installed all the prereqs for Debian-based distros before running make?

apt-get install build-essential libffi-dev perl zlib1g-dev

ETA: Make sure you let those prerequisite packages install any dependency packages they may have.

As I said, I followed the steps in the installation guide provided by Duo. The problem has now been resolved. Something in those steps did not work correctly. The steps were repeated and it is working.

OK, just double-checking since you mentioned earlier you found some of the prerequisites were missing (from what you provided support the make output appeared to flag libffi as missing). Glad you were able to resolve.