Install Duo Active directory

I have been having some issues with installing duo on workstations through Active Directory. I finally got it to install, but it does not work. For instance if I RDP into the workstation it will not prompt for 2fa. I have made the changes in both the group policy and i have also created the mst file to add when it installs. When creating my MST should i make the changes to the 1’s and 0’s to do RDP only? I made the change under property, but that is not seeming to take the settings. I know it is installed, because it is listed in uninstall programs. Any help or thoughts I would be greatful.

I’d suggest you contact Duo Support directly. There are multiple possible root causes for Duo not prompting at login, so it might be more efficient for you to work directly with a support engineer who has the details of your deployment, can review your debug logs, and provide specific steps to fix than to make general suggestions here in the community forum and have you work your way through each one until you solve it.

Thanks I Will do that. We have not purchased yet because I wanted to make sure I would be able to install through GP

The first thing you should try is enabling debug logging, try to log in, and then examine the log yourself to see what’s happening. Like, if you have the application set to fail open if it can’t contact Duo’s service, and it in fact can’t contact Duo’s service, that info would be in the log output.