Instagram Duo Mobile

My Instagram account called david08santos is vinculated with Duo Mobile, I vinculated it 2 years ago and then a bought a new phone and now it says that no account is vinculated with Duo Mobile

Hi @David_Santos ,

If you have a new device and you previously backed up your Duo Mobile account on your old device of the same platform using Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts , one option is to restore your phone from a backup, open the Duo Mobile app, and follow the instructions to recover your accounts to the new device. See this article for more info: Otherwise:

If you no longer have access to third-party account recovery codes and you either did not previously enable Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts or no longer have access to the recovery password you set, you must contact the support team at your account service provider, such as Instagram or Facebook, for help.

Hope this helps!