In a stickle with Lastpass and duo!

SOrry if in the wrong place folks, hard to see in the drop down menu!

Basically, I enrolled LastPass on to duo some time ago. THe installation didn’t go smoothly and LastPass was never really declared on duo, I think it came under google account for some reason.

Anyway, recently I bust my phone, cost too high to replace the screen, and this was fine until duo expired on my home PC. Now I need to re-activate duo on my new (old) phone - worth stating at this point the phone is old and has an old version of duo mobile on, due to compatibility issues,

Anyway, so I need to activate lastpass. Like a fool I did not add a mobile number, and coming to work I can verify this as my work PC is still logged in.

When I have tried authenticating lastpass with the google placeholder in duo it fails, and this is logged in duo.

So I am not sure what options are available at the moment. THere is a button in my duo account to reset the secret key, but I do not know what I am doing here and at the moment, I could replace the screen at great expense and be up and running again, but that is something I cannot afford to do atm!

Any tips would be great.



Hi @ollyk,

Sorry to hear about the busted phone and that you’re having problems getting back into LastPass. Just so I understand everything correctly:

  1. You currently can’t log into LastPass on your Home PC because you got a new phone and your Duo Mobile account is not activated on there.
  2. You can still log into

If those are both true, from the Duo Admin Panel you should be able to go to the “Users” menu on the left-hand side of the screen and then click on your username. You can then follow the directions here to reactivate your user account in Duo Mobile: Duo Administration - Manage Users | Duo Security

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Hi Jamie, no I have done that, and can use some, for instance, facebook. It is Lastpass that has gone horribly wrong I think!

I can post some screenshots if that helps?

I don’t think Facebook would work for you using the link that I provided. I’d double-check to follow the instructions in that link.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, you may want to reach out to our support team Duo Customer Support | Duo Security


Thanks Jamie. Facebook definitely seems to work. Along with twitch and duo home Admin. Duo protected hasn’t been enabled yet and maybe that has something to do with it? I will check the link

Hi Jamie, so still not solved this issue. Bit annoyed that lastpass let me use duo with no apparent way or recovering, so it seems.

What happens if I press “reset secret key”. Will that do anything bad?


Resetting the secret key in Duo for an application invalidates any existing setup using the original secret key. That means the integration stops working unless you update the secret key in the configured app.

So if you have set up Duo in Lastpass using the existing integration key and secret key, and you click to reset the secret key in Duo for the Lastpass application, that immediately stops the Duo integration in Lastpass from working until you can update the secret key to the new value.

If you can’t log in to Lastpass to be able to change the value of the Duo secret key, you might be completely locked out from Lastpass with no way to recover.

Resetting the secret key for an application is a destructive process that should only be done if you have a need to do it, like your Duo Lastpass information has been compromised. It doesn’t provide any help at all for a user account not activated in Duo.

Have you tried just activating your phone by sending a reactivation link yet? Facebook logins with passcode don’t use activation, so the fact that you can log in to Facebook has no bearing at all at your ability to log in to Lastpass or the activation status of your phone in Duo.

What actually happens when you try to log in to Lastpass? How exactly did you set up Duo and Lastpass (link to the instructions you followed)?