Implementing Duo on Linux

I originally put this question in the wrong forum so I am trying again here.

Is it possible to configure duo and ssh for linux such that a user only has to log in once a day to any particular server? The idea is to login once and then open as many other sessions as necessary. The admins here are used to using public key authentication or GSSAPI. Requiring them to do a push every time will cause a lot of grousing and I cannot blame them.

Thanks to some help from a user on Stack Exchange, I was able to solve this one.

  1. I added to the globals section of .ssh/config for one of my test users:

    Host *
      ControlMaster auto
      ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p
  2. I logged onto a test server and got the expected authentication prompts

  3. I can now use the multiplexed connection as a ProxyJump to connect to other machines “normally”.

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Hi @linixhitman, I’m glad you were able to get the answer you were looking for. Thanks for following up to share it here with the community!

I saw you had some additional questions in your initial post that you flagged as being in the wrong category. Did you still need those answered, or are you all set now? If you still need the answers, please repost them in the Duo Mobile app forum and I’ll be happy to answer them!