Implement duo to meteor-angular application


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to implement to duo to my application but I am still not able to do that. It has been a week that I am trşng and looking for resources to help me but I couldnt find. Only I found this Meteor js Tutorial Integrate duo, I am following this tutorial but not success yet.

I add duo to my app as follows:

$ meteor npm install --save duo_web


import Duo from 'duo_web';
  duoSignReq: function() {
    let request_sig = Duo.sign_request(IKEY, SKEY, AKEY, "someone");
    return request_sig;
export class DuoComponent implements OnInit {
    ngOnInit() {
  'duoSignReq', (err, res) => {
              if (err) {
                console.log('err in duoSignReq callback', err); // I got this error
              if (res) {
                console.log('reponse: ' + res);
                  host: '',
                  sig_request: res,
                  submit_callback: this.processSubmit // I have this callback too

Error:  Exception while invoking method 'duoSignReq' TypeError: Cannot read property 'sign_request' of undefined