I'm so confused - how to I add multiple devices or even back up my account

Hi there,

I’ve set up duo on my iPhone and added dozens of websites/banks.

I have three phones and an iPad due to my work. I need to log in to this duo account on these other devices too - however, when I open duo on the new devices there is no ability to log in to my existing account - and when I go to my existing account I realize it’s not even registered to an email, I literally just downloaded the app and started adding things.

I think I’m probably going about this completely the wrong way? I’ve set a ‘reset password’ but it’s not even linked to an email from what I can see so I’ve no idea how this would work if I actually did lose my phone,

Can someone please let me know:

1 - How I set this up properly across multiple devices so it’s mirrored
2 - If I can’t - can someone recommend a better 2FA solution that actually has this basic functionality

Nevermind I hunted for an hour and ended up deleting Duo and mirgrating to 2FAS as it was able to sync my devices.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you ended up going with another app over Duo, but I am glad you found an authenticator app that meets your needs! I’d like to still respond to your question, in case the answer could help anyone else here in the Community.

You’re correct in saying that the Duo Mobile app is not linked to an email, and there is no ability to log in to the app. Duo Mobile is tied to your device’s unique hardware security module (HSM), so it works a little differently than most apps you might be familiar with. You add accounts to the app by scanning a QR code that the service provider (the account you’re logging in to when you use Duo Mobile) typically provides when you first enable 2FA.

The restore functionality to recover your accounts if you lose your phone uses your device’s backup mechanism (iCloud backup for iPhone). Since you set the recovery password, it sounds like you enabled Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts. If you were to lose your phone, you would recover your new device from an iCloud backup, open the Duo Mobile app, and enter your recovery password to restore those accounts.

You mention using Duo Mobile for websites and banks, so it sounds like you are using Duo Mobile for third-party accounts exclusively. These are accounts you set up and maintain yourself, which don’t have a Duo administrator. The best way to use multiple devices with these types of accounts is to scan the same QR code with each device when you first enable 2FA for your accounts. This will ensure that no matter which device you’re using, you will be able to authenticate with it. Hope that helps!