I'm being prompted twice for my email address (login) when authenticating Google

I had to set up a generic SAML integration for my Google integration with Duo and am being prompted twice for my login, first by Google and then again by Duo. Is there a way to pass that information on to Duo so I do not have to enter my login twice?

Hi @Danielle_Kelley, welcome to the Duo Community!
Based on the information that you provided, this is expected behavior when using a SAML integration (signing into Google and then being asked to enter your username again in the Identity Provider, or IdP). If you’re looking for an alternative method, you could consider using Duo Central: https://duo.com/docs/duo-central
Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

If you use a “domain-specific service URL” as your entry point – and all users are using SSO – you can skip the google login name prompt.

We tell our users to navigate to gmail.<domain>.edu when they want to access their University GMail account.

See Set up SSO for your organization - Google Workspace Admin Help

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