IdP recomendations

As far as I’m aware Duo does not classify it’s self as an IDP and instead will integrate with whatever your current IdP is.

While looking into this a bit deeper there are some caveats.
e.g. When trying to protect Google Workspace (GSuite) you can’t also have google as your IdP.

So what IdP is everyone pointing to:
GSuite (Can’t protect GSuite accounts if this is also your IdP)
AzureAD (May requires P1 licenses and Conditional Access)
AD (May require DirSync and 3x recommended domain controllers)

And if you are going to point Duo to a separate IdP why not use their MFA tools (e.g. Okta/OneLogin)


We’re in the process of looking to implement a password manager such as 1Password/LastPass/Dashlane. Would love to have experiences with anyone who has integrated any of those with DUO.

A bit late (but hopefully not too late) we use 1password and DUO, it couldn’t be easier. 5mins to setup and rock-solid. The user setup process is pretty straight forward as well

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