I need two DUO accounts on one MAC

hi ,

I can see that there is a possibility to have multiple phones on a windows DUO login. I have a situation where I have a Mac device with two users and separate logins , I installed DUO on one but the other user got locked out. is there a way around this?

Hi @cc_tk, Just to clarify, you have two users with separate logins who are sharing a Mac computer as a single access device. Are both users enrolled in Duo with unique usernames? As long as that’s the case, multiple users should be able to log in to the same macOS device.

thank you so much , I will try this and let u know

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Sounds good, please let us know if you need anything else. I went ahead and documented this question and answer as a help article, so others can find it in the future as well :slight_smile: Can multiple users use a single macOS device with Duo?