HTTP Post commands for website fronted by DUO - Fail Even with Exemption

We use http post commands in our enterprise monitoring software to determine if our services provided through web applications are available. We have begun requiring DUO as an authentication layer for some of the website applications. This caused our web checks (http post commands) to fail. Even after getting an exemption set on the ID we use for the http post requests, we still have failures. After capturing and analyzing the packet flow, the request was redirected to DUO and as part of the authentication/exemption process it was determined that javascript/iframes was being used as the handoff process even for exemptions. Since we are using http post commands, there is not a full browser environment available for this type of interaction.

If we connect interactively as the batch ID from a browser with javascript enabled, the target website is reached without the DUO authentication layer being required which validates that the DUO exemption for that ID has been properly set.

I am looking for guidance on how to address this issue when needing to access a DUO fronted website through http post (batch, unattended) requests.