How you can prepare: Duo Community is migrating to Cisco Community

Duo Community is migrating to Cisco Community on July 21, 2023. On that date, will redirect to the Duo Security section of Cisco Community.

This will mean that Duo administrators can access the same peer-to-peer learning opportunities and user-driven content that the Duo Community has supported all these years, with the addition of new learning opportunities from the greater Cisco Secure ecosystem. As a registered member of the Duo Community, we want you to continue getting the help you need from our Community experience without interruption.

ACTION REQUIRED BY JULY 1 2023: Create your Cisco Community account

Cisco Community registration requires a account. Follow these steps to create a account and Cisco Community display name:

  1. Go to Cisco Community.

  2. Click Log In in the top right corner of the page. Important: When creating your account, use the same email address as your Duo Community account. This will enable your Duo Community content to be associated with your new Community account.

  3. Create your Cisco Community display name.

You’re in! Click here to learn how to get started on Cisco Community.

Why do you need to complete these steps by July 1, 2023?

  1. The actions will ensure that when your Duo Community content is migrated to Cisco Community, you will retain authorship under your new Cisco Community display name.

  2. Your Cisco Community profile and any new content you post will be under the same display name.

  3. This will ensure that your Duo Community statistics like post count, replies, etc get associated with your Cisco Community account.

Questions about the migration?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the upcoming move with us in the thread below. Thank you for being a Duo Community member and have a wonderful day!

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Hi Tab,

I setup an account in the Cisco Community and tried looking through the documentation posted to find where the release notes are going to be posted in the new Cisco Community. It looks like this page still needs to be migrated to the Cisco Community: How to subscribe to Release Notes

Where are release notes going be posted in the Cisco Community?