How works universal prompt

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Duo and I’m reading a lot of documentation but for the moment not find this information.
I configured Microsof OWA aplication and it’s work fine but I can see

I need to update somethin in my application? (owa 2013) or I need to contact Duo support to activate universal prompt?

Thanks a lot for your help

Universal Prompt support is not yet available for OWA. Duo must release an application update for our OWA integration before you can activate it for OWA. This is why the status says “Waiting on Duo”.

If you wish you can contact Duo Support or your Duo account executive or customer success manager (if you have one) to express your interest in the feature request for OWA Universal prompt support.

You can find descriptions of all possible Duo Universal Prompt integration readiness statuses and what they mean in the Universal Prompt Update Guide.

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@oskir, you can refer to this article to understand what different status on Duo Universal Prompt means. Duo Universal Prompt Update Guide | Duo Security
When the update is available for OWA, you would see the status as Duo Universal Prompt Update Guide | Duo Security and then is when you can apply the update and enable Duo Universal Prompt

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