How to use Duo MFA as main aunthentication method


Is it possible to use Duo MFA as main authentication method ? Where the user does not need to type logon password, only use the Duo mobile app.


Hi @rsacramento, no it’s currently not possible to Duo for primary authentication. However, you might be interested in our Duo Passwordless solution which is now available in a public preview. At the end of that blog post are a number of videos which explain more. I hope that helps!

Thanks for your help.

I gonna take a look on this new solution.

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Actually it is possible to use Duo MFA as the primary authentication method. Some conditions apply:

  • You need to use ADFS 2019 as your Identity provider.
  • The application in question needs to be integrated with ADFS for SAML or OpenID.
  • You can require Duo as your primary auth but users are still required to enter their password as their secondary auth; however, there are many options available for Keep Me Signed In, Certificate-based auth in lieu of passwords, tokens, Windows Hello for Business, etc.

Take a look at Protect the Password feature for ADFS to learn more about using MFA as your primary auth method. This isn’t a feature of Duo but rather a feature of the IdP.