How to update settings after initial install

I have devices that I need to update by checking the option, “Only prompt for Duo authentication when logging in via RDP.” What is the best way to push this out to multiple devises? Can this be done through the portal.

Hopefully this isn’t the case, do I have to reinstall the app on each device?

I want to check the box in red after Duo’s been installed.
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Hi @works2020, the Duo Authentication for Windows Logon settings are stored in the registry, so you should be able to use the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) with administrator privileges to update the settings after installation there.

Since you mention deploying these changes to multiple devices, it seems like using the Group Policy would be the way to go. Learn more in our documentation on this: 2FA for Windows Remote Desktop Protocol and Local Logons | Duo Security

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Amy, I got my answer to your response mixed up with the one below. The link points to a problem I’m having with Duo spinning in a constant loop trying to enable offline mode. What are your thoughts regarding both registry settings be sent to 1.

Ah ok, that makes sense. I’ll move your response to the correct thread and respond to you there to keep things organized. :slight_smile: