How to invoke DUO from Oracle J E t Application

I am evaluating DUO. I need to integrate DUO with my web application written using Oracle J E T javascript framework. I need to invoke 2 factor authentication DUO popup only on the click of a button in a specific page and not right after initial login authentication. I did the following:

  • Created online account and generated ikey, skey, akey, and host values.
  • Installed the duo using npm install command
  • It installed duo under d:\myproject\mode_modules directory

Now, how do I invoke this from my js file? Please provide me with a sample js code from oracle jet perspective.
How to include this in define section in the js file. Is this correct or What name to give…

Please prove me with a sample code.


Can DUO be called from oracle jet. If yes, please share sample code.