How to integrate DUO with a web application hosted on Ubuntu


Hoping to get some support from here.

We have a web application, LibreNMS, running on Ubuntu which I need to enable MFA on it. I think this application is based on PHP and I’m wondering how can I get MFA working on it.

I have been reading the Web SDK documentation (is this the right option for this work) which I’m not sure provides the full integration process.

I’m not from programming side so my knowlede in this space is limited (you might have guessed from my post).

Would appreciate if somone can guide me more on this or redirect me in the right direction.


Hi Sajid,

Welcome to the Duo Community! We’ll be happy to help you. I just want to point out that the community is not an official support channel for Duo. You can read more about to get help here.

I am not familiar with LibreNMS, so my ability to help here is pretty limited, but I’ll give it a shot anyway :slight_smile: Someone who actually knows what they are talking about can jump in and assist.

You have the right documentation - the Duo Web SDK is what you want here. You can use the available client libraries and demo at to integrate Duo PHP into your application logon. Doing so will require a programmer on your end. If you have general questions, our support team can help you with those! However, please note that we are not able to offer any assistance in writing your code.

Perhaps a kind community member here or in the LibreNMS community can help you with that!

@Amy already gave you some great info if you want to pursue adding Duo to LibreNMS at the application level with our PHP SDK. This provides the full Duo experience, with the interactive Duo prompt and support for 2FA over push notifications with the Duo Mobile app.

If you want a lighter approach, it looks like LibreNMS already supports two-factor authentication using a passcode. This wouldn’t require development on your part. You can use this solution with the Duo Mobile app as a third-party OTP account, or with any other passcode-generating mobile app, like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.

There’s also a feature request in the LibreNMS community for built-in Duo support, so you may want to upvote that.

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