How to get Duo to work when you already have a Gina.dll in use for another purpose?

Hello, When you install Duo on a PC for 2FA at the Windows logon it replaces the gina.dll file to do this. Our issue is that we already have a unique gina.dll for another solution to allow staff to self service password / account lock outs and resets. We’d like to retain this and use both.

I had heard from a Cisco rep that it was possible to have both in place… Does anyone know how to do this? That is, sequence these different gina.dlls or link them so that both are in use?

Hi @apaton,

Your reference to GINA makes me think you’re still on Windows 2003/XP? There is no way to chain the Duo GINA with another, and additionally we no longer support Duo on XP/2003 and won’t provide any updates or security fixes for it. See our statement on 2003/XP support here: Does Duo support Windows XP or Windows 2003?

If you actually mean the Windows credential provider used in Windows versions Vista/2008 or later, then Duo for Windows Logon won’t let you chain credential providers (except for the native Windows smart card logon provider), but you can whitelist other third-party credential providers so that they still appear on the login screen along-side Duo. You can learn more about that here: Can I whitelist other credential providers after installing Duo?