How to get back my removable account back

I mistakenly removed my facebook account while trying to restore it back to my new device. Please help!

Hey @Mickey_X, oh no! I’m sorry to hear that you accidentally removed your Facebook account from Duo Mobile. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore an account once you delete that account from the Duo Mobile app.

You must manually reconnect Duo Mobile to your Facebook account, which requires you to be logged in. Are you logged in to Facebook from any of your other devices still? If not, do you have a recovery code from Facebook? This can be used in place of a passcode from an authenticator app when logging in to regain access there.

If that is not an option, please check out Facebook’s help page on recovering your account there.

Okay please how will I do the Facebook passcode to access my account ?

You will log in to Facebook using your username and password, and then when you are prompted for 2FA, you will enter one of your Facebook recovery codes in place of the passcode they request.