How to generate the info on web app side

how do i generate this info? Here is the guidance for DUO. Duo Access Gateway - Generic SAML Service Provider | Duo Security

I don’t know how to generate

Service Provider Name The name of the service provider.
Entity ID The service provider identifier.
Assertion Consumer Service The URL where your service provider receives SAML assertions.
Single Logout URL Optional: The URL where your service provider receives SAML logout assertions.
Service Provider Login URL Optional: Enter the URL for IdP-initiated logins if your service provider specifies one.
Default Relay State Optional: If your service provider requires a specific RelayState parameter, enter it here.

Under the Create Your Cloud Application in Duo section

Can anyone help?

I don’t know shall I randomly input the entity Id? or shall I install SAML2/SSO plugin for PHP? OR SHALL I write code for it?
Very confused as I’m totally new to this.

Thank you in advance for your help!

What are you trying to do?

If you are trying to configure an existing SAML service provider to use the Duo Access Gateway as its IdP, your SP vendor should be able to provide you the information you need here. Here’s some random service provider’s SAML documentation, note that they tell the customer what to enter as the ACS, Entity ID, etc. on their IdP setup.

If you are a an application developer adding SAML support to your product, that information is all part of the SAML spec and you’d be responsible for making it discoverable for your customers for them to be able to set up SAML auth with any IdP.

If you are an application developer that just wants to add Duo MFA to your product, and don’t necessarily need it to be via SAML, take a look at our drop-in WebSDK to add Duo directly to your application. We have a PHP library on GitHub. Duo Web Two-Factor Authentication for Your Web Application | Duo Security