How to Export Backed-Up Accounts?


I’m just asking how can I export my accounts directly, or even where can I find my backed-up data on Google Drive? Where’s the backed-up file or its path?

I need to switch to another 2FA provider but I can’t find my backed-up accounts file!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Moustafa,

The backup created by Duo Mobile and stored in Google Drive is only intended to restore accounts back to Duo Mobile. It can’t be imported to a different 2FA app nor can your accounts be exported from Duo Mobile in a different format.

You will need to log into your third-party accounts using the Duo Mobile passcode, visit the security settings for you account in that site, and follow their instructions for removing your current 2FA app (Duo) from your account and setting up a new one (whatever app you plan to use).