How to create a landing page or enrollment page for Duo enrollment?


My Duo and integration with AAD is working great.

However, I see many businesses and colleges using “landing pages” where they can direct their users to authenticate using the campus or business authentication mechanism, then, once authenticated, they are presented with an inline enrollment process.

Is there a “blessed” way to do this? Or are these organizations using a dummy webpage with inline enrollment enabled?

Or are they using the web SDK or perhaps Duo Central?

Obviously this would be for first time enrollment. The goal is to get users devices setup before the actual go-live of MFA for all resources.


Hi Mike
We use the Duo Device Management Portal as our online enrollment portal. Users must authenticate to the network and be on our “internal” network to get to it, which gives us a higher level of assurance that those who are enrolling are who we “think” they are. It’s not very flexible but it gives us an enrollment feature that doesn’t rely on someone getting something in their e-mail with an activation code which was important to us.


This sounds perfect!! Probably exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks for the reply and have a great rest of the week!


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