How to config AWS and OCI govt cloud with DUO

I am trying to deploy DUO to VMs on Amazon and Oracle govt cloud. The procedures I have found are for non govt cloud Amazon, and Oracle support simply told me to ask DUO how to deploy to their VM in the cloud. So can anyone point me to the procedures on how to do this?

Stephen Keating

Hi @Stephen_Keating, thanks for posting to the Duo Community.
Could you please confirm which edition of Duo you’re currently using? I can provide a better answer once I know this information. In the meantime, if you’re on Duo’s Federal edition, here’s a guide that provides a general overview of those features:

We are using DUO FEDRAMP

Hi @Stephen_Keating, would you mind providing a bit more information on the environment where you want to configure Duo? Is it an Oracle specific management portal, a VM, or something else? Are we looking at Oracle Linux, Windows, etc?

Thank you!


I am looking to add DUO to a VM running Windows 2019, which is in the Oracle FEDRAMP Cloud.