How to auto push when integrating with OpenVPN Access Server


Is there a way to do an automatic push when using OpenVPN Access Server? It’s kind of annoying every time you connect to the VPN you have to type in “push”, “sms”, etc. There must be a way to have it automatically do a push.

There’s a KB article regarding the topic, but it seems to only apply to OpenVPN standard install, not the OpenVPN Access Server, as the necessary config files and parameters to modify don’t exist on the Access Server version.


Hi GrdLock, it is not possible to configure autopush for our OpenVPN Access Server integration at this time.


Thanks, yeah I just heard back from support as well and they went ahead and updated the KB for OpenVPN auto push to clarify this.

Sure hope this feature is added soon to Access Server!


@GrdLock – I modified the python script to do this. I’d be happy to share if you’d like.


@pthrasher I would be very interested in seeing how you modified the script