How do I recover a stolen Google account?

Hello!im saurav i have losted my google account someone has changed my google account password and also changed my recovery phone number i can’t recover my account but i know very much detail about my gmail account like my last password my location in which device i use it etc please help me out

Hi Saurav, I moved your post to its own topic because it is a unique situation from the thread you originally commented on. This helps keep the community organized, and it makes it easier for others with the same question to find the answer later.
I’m very sorry to hear that someone has gotten access to your Google account. Please take a look at their support page “Secure a hacked or compromised Google account” for steps you can use to regain access there.

Specifically, it says that if someone changed your account info, like your password or recovery phone number, go to the account recovery page, and answer the questions as best you can. They also provide these tips to help (link).

Google will have to assist you with this, as we at Duo do not have access to your Google account, its passwords, or phone numbers.

please help to recover my old gmail account because my recovery number i lost that’s why i can’t recieve any verification code please reset this andsend me all the details

Hi @ROGER_Elesio, you’ll need to work with Google to restore access to your Gmail account. We at Duo do not have the ability to access your accounts or change their permissions.