How do I determine what port to use for multi-forest authentication?


I am dealing with a similar issue as this thread in my environment. In my case Duo is providing 2FA for VMware Horizon View. For the secondary RADIUS section [server_radius_auto2] how do I determine what the port number will be? In my first RADIUS section [server_radius_auto] I do not have any ports defined. Any assistance in properly configuring multi-forest authentication would be greatly appreciated.

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When you don’t have a port defined in a [radius_server_xxx] config section it defaults to 1812. This is the standard RADIUS port.

You decide for yourself what port to use.

So if in the [authproxy.cfg] you specify port=1802 as the RADIUS port, then when you add the Duo RADIUS server on the device that will be sending the RADIUS authentication requests you would also specify port 1802.