How do I customize the "Access is not allowed because you are not enrolled in Duo" message?

In the Universal Prompt, this appears to be the default page that appears when a user is not enrolled in Duo. I don’t see how to change this message in the settings logged in as an Admin. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @TartanAdmin ,

The screenshot you supplied is actually showing the Traditional Duo Prompt. Here is the Universal Prompt:

In either prompt, the message is not customizable. Please feel free to submit this as a Feature Request with your Duo Account Executive, Customer Success Manager (if applicable), or our Support Team.

This message occurs when the application that the user is logging into has the New User Policy set to Deny access, which is the most secure form of enrollment (Duo Administration - Policy & Control | Duo Security).

Out of curiosity, what would you propose this message be changed to?

Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, this is the original prompt, and we have forced the Universal prompt to appear in testing, but the inability to customize this message still exists with the Universal Prompt. The “Need Help?” link isn’t sufficient. Each organization should be able to determine what this message says because the contact information is unique for each organization. We should have the ability to customize this message with specific contact information, e.g. phone number, email address, via the Settings in the Duo Admin console just like we are able to customize the “Help desk message,” Enrollment email," and “Current branding.”

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