How do I automatically send the push using Duo Web?


Hello Everyone,

We are implementing the Duo Web 2FA in our web application and everything is working great.
However we would like to have this login form to automatically use the users preferred authentication method like it does on our VPN Authentication. (For most of our users that would be the Push)

How can I accomplish this using Duo Web?

Kind Regards,
Jordy Nijman


Hi Jordy,
For applications that support the Duo Prompt, administrators cannot enforce automatic push or callback behavior globally or at the application or user level. However, users can configure automatic push or phone callback for themselves either during the enrollment process or during future authentication attempts if you enable the Self-Service Portal functionality.

If you’d like to submit a feature request for the ability to control this behavior for all users, please contact Duo Support or your Customer Success Manager.


Hello Dooley,

Thank you for your quick reply! It has all the information I need.
I’ll have a talk with our local duo administrator to see if we will submit a feature request.

Kind Regards,
Jordy Nijman