How Cisco Deployed Duo to 100,000+ Users


In 2019 Cisco began the process of migrating from their previous MFA solution to piloting and rolling out Duo Security. And last year as Cisco’s “Zero Trust for the Workforce” strategy came into focus, the security team began piloting Duo Beyond, building on the foundation of the MFA project to improve device visibility and policy controls for every user and every application. This change would affect over 100,000 users and more than a quarter million authentications each month, so for the sake of business continuity, it was essential that both users and systems were prepared for the switch. Josephina Fernandez and her cross-functional team (including Infrastructure, Endpoint and Infosec) were responsible for planning and executing the project, mapping out use cases and priority and building out the set of policies that would govern login attempts across the business.

Join Duo Product Marketing Manager Darcie Gainer, Sr. Customer Success Manager Ashley Cubas, and Josephina Fernandez, Director of Cisco Security Architecture & Research, on July 14 to follow the journey of Cisco’s zero-trust secure access with Duo Beyond from kickoff to retrospective!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Cisco completed a global rollout of Duo in five months
  • What internal users said about the change
  • Why maintaining a consistent user experience was so important

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