How can i get back Remote Desktop Connection Authorization Policies


Management has decided to go for a different Multi-factor Authentication SW, now we are having problems getting back our RD CAP/RAP.

Duo disable them when installing it but UN-installing Duo did not enable them again.

Any idea how to enable them??

“installing Duo’s RD Gateway plugin disables Remote Desktop Connection Authorization Policies (RD CAP) and Resource Authorization Policies (RD RAP). The CAPs and RAPs become inaccessible from the Remote Desktop Gateway Manager and previously configured policy settings are ignored by Remote Desktop Gateway.”

How does Duo Authentication for RD Gateway affect RD Gateway authorization policies?

Remote Desktop connection authorization policies (CAPs) and resource authorization policies (RAPs) are no longer available after installing Duo Authentication.


Hi there. Sorry to hear management has decided to move away from Duo, but we’re definitely happy to try to help you troubleshoot this.

I checked with some folks on our Support Team, and we believe you may be seeing this because you didn’t run the uninstall command from an elevated command line. Please try to the process at and let us know if that solves your issue. Thanks!


Hi Dooley, thanks for the prompt response. Unfortunately the installer provided in your website is a .EXE and Not a .MSI so the uninstalling process does not work.

The links provided in the don’t open, therefore we are still unable to uninstall the product in a way it re-enable the CAP/RAPs .

Could you let us know where to get the .msi files so we can do the reinstall / uninstall.



It sounds like you’re referring to our Duo for Windows Logon and RDP application rather than RD Gateway as initially indicated.

Here are the instructions for uninstalling that application: