HOTP or TOTP supported device

Can someone tell me a supported HOTP or TOTP hardware token with 6-digit LED display that is supported on duo. I bought one online (Symantec VIP) but it does not seem to be supported by duo. The documentation seems very light for old school hardware tokens. If someone can tell me one that works for them, I can just get the same model.

I’d like to buy the Duo branded one, but you have to buy it in packs of 10.


The Duo-branded tokens are GO6 tokens from Vasco. Gemalto tokens are also known to work. Any third-party token purchased for use with Duo should support OATH/HOTP (event-based) passcode generation. TOTP (time-based) tokens won’t work well with Duo’s service because they can fall out of sync. Google tells me that the Symantec VIP tokens may be TOTP.