Help us design Cisco Secure at Cisco Live! Amsterdam

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There is a unique opportunity this year at Cisco Live in the Meeting Zone. Cisco Secure User Experience (UX) teams are hosting interactive sessions to learn about customers’ challenges and needs on topics like risk, SSE, and more. These conversations are opportunities for you to influence Cisco’s future product development decisions. User experience teams are looking for people to participate in hands-on interactive 60-minute design thinking sessions. Sessions are available February 6 through February 9 throughout the day.
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Session topics:

  • Risky Business: Build your ideal risk score

In this interactive workshop, security practitioners will explore the factors they think of when assessing and measuring risk. If Cisco Secure had a universal risk score for their security products, what would that score look like? Feedback from this session will inform many products across Cisco Secure.

  • Protect the Kingdom: How you use SSE & Firewall, etc to keep your world safe

In this collaborative workshop you’ll be challenged to protect your kingdom and use your dragons (tools like SSE and Firewall) to prevent threats to your world. Will you be able to save your users and keep your kingdom secure?

  • The evolution of security structures. A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing?

There’s always something new and menacing in the security landscape - but what are the real threats, and what are just distractions? Come and tell us about how you are evolving your teams, your behaviors, and processes to keep the wolves at bay. You are welcome to participate in all three workshops. Book each session separately.

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