Help plan the next online course: What do you want to know about policy?

When we asked our administrators what topics they would like to be covered in future Level Up courses, the most common feedback we received by far is that you’re interested in learning more about Duo policies. Let’s be honest - policies can be really challenging! To support truly adaptive access control, we offer so many customization options to protect your applications.

Our team knows many of you are already experienced Duo admins, so we want to create a course that takes you beyond the basics and gives you practical knowledge you can readily implement in your environment. So tell us:

What would take your understanding of Duo policies to a deeper level?

  • What security goals would you like to accomplish with policy in your environment?

  • What do you already know about Duo policy? What would you like to learn more about?

  • Are there particular policies you’d like to enable, but aren’t sure how they interact with another policy or application?

  • Are there specific integrations or real life scenarios that you think we should feature?

Share your ideas with us below and like/:heart: the replies you agree with!

We will be watching this discussion and using your feedback to build a course to Level Up your knowledge of the Duo policy engine :slight_smile:

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