Help Desk role - Duo Admin panel


We are sitting up a “Help Desk” type of role in the Admin panel and I’ve created an Administrative Unit and added Groups the role can manage. I get that the role is locked down (create, view, modify and delete phones, tokens, bypass codes; can view and modify user information), but is there any way to hide the side panel so people in this role don’t get curious and start clicking around?

side panel

Hi there @Gigawatt ! Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to modify the navigation bar based on the administrator role. Thankfully as you noted, the Help Desk role is restricted to only essential functions for end-user support, so if you did happen to have a few curious clickers, they wouldn’t be able to negatively impact anything their role does not have access to.

By the way, if you’re curious on training up your Help Desk admins, we actually have a free half-hour training course designed for folks in the Help Desk or User Manager role on Level Up called the Help Desk Fast Track!

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Thank you for this reply and thanks for the tip about training!