Heads-up: Tax Information fields added to Billing section of Duo Admin Panel


As part of our normal rolling release cycle September 14 through September 24, 2020, we have added a section on the Payment Info page in the Duo Admin Panel called Tax Information to collect your VAT (value-added tax) number where applicable.

The Tax Information section appears on the Payment Info page under the Billing tab. This section will only appear for customers who pay by credit card and who are based outside the U.S. In this case, a VAT number will be collected for credit card payments for both Duo service and for hardware token or telephony credit purchases — again, only in applicable countries. U.S.-based customers will not be asked to enter a VAT number.

We are making this change because Duo is required to report the VAT status of its customers to comply with some countries’ tax law. Note that in some countries, VAT is known as GST (goods and services tax).

The Tax Information section contains two fields: VAT Number and Business Name. If your organization does not have a VAT number, you will be able to note that in the available fields.

The fields in the Tax Information section are required for all non-U.S. credit card customers. New customers will be required to enter the information when they enter their billing information for the first time. Existing customers will be required to enter the information if they update their billing information.

Once a VAT number is entered, it will be displayed at the bottom of the Payment Info page under a label called Tax Information.