Having to buy users in 10 user increments is punitive for small businesses

hi all,

I’m setting up Duo MFA for a small business. I understand having a minimum purchase of 10 users, this makes sense to me in terms of overhead for managing accounts. but having to buy in 10 user increments seems punitive for small businesses. It means 11 users costs the same as 20 and that seems unfair. I really do think you should allow purchases in units of 1 user above 10. The 10 user increment feels extractive and customer hostile once you’ve got us onboard, and especially since the headline is $3 a user, not $30 for 10 users and 10 user increments after. I didn’t see the 10 user incremental purchase requirement until well after I had started the trial, it’s on one page on the main site under a long comparison table, while $3/user is everywhere - it feels very bait and switch-y, not a good look.

Hi @solmssen

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We take all of our users’ experiences very seriously, and it saddens me to hear you felt deceived by how our pricing structure is framed on our website. I can also understand why it would be frustrating for you to pay for more users than you currently have. I shared your comments with our internal team, and I hope to follow up with you when I have more context to share around this.


Thanks Amy. This isn’t a show stopper, but it makes your product much less attractive for smaller users. Maybe that’s the intent? We want to pay for support and the features we’d like to use, you know? But having to pay for almost twice as many users as we have feels wasteful.