Hardware Tokens

Our Information Security team is not allowing phones below iOS 11 and Android OS 6.0.1 to be used with Duo. For some users with old phones we need to find another option. We are looking at Hardware Tokens as well as Yubikeys. However, the challenge is India. Duo doesn’t ship Hardware tokens to India so we don’t know what to do for our India users that don’t have a phone that can be used. We don’t have a way of getting them hardware tokens. Yubikeys can be an option but u2F keys only work with browser.

Does anyone know if an RSA token an work with Duo? Or any other thoughts or suggestions?

You can use Yubikeys in OTP mode with Duo applications that don’t show the browser-based Duo Prompt. If you purchase Yubikeys that support both U2F and OTP then the one device can be used with both types of auth in Duo. Learn more about our Yubikey OTP support here.

We also support OTP hardware tokens from other vendors like Gemalto and Vasco. Are you unable to have any third-party tokens shipped India?

RSA tokens use proprietary algorithms, so they can’t be imported into Duo.