Hardware Token Resync

We have multiple users utilizing hardware tokens, but one user has had to have multiple tokens assigned to him because they keep needing to be re-synced. The tokens will work for a bit, then start saying “Incorrect passcode” any time he tries to authenticate. If we remove the hardware token and add a new one, or re-sync the original token it will work again for awhile.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or know what would cause a token to fall out of sync, no once but multiple times with one user?

Is he pushing the button multiple times between logins? Maybe inadvertently? I believe more than three pushes without a successful login makes it fall out of sync.

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Thank you! I will bring this to the users attention to watch out for. It was not specified when he spoke with our Help Desk if he was pressing for multiple codes without actually entering them.

@RTStabler is likely correct about the cause being too many button presses between authentications. Another possible reason for this happening could be that the battery is dying because the token is old or has been used very frequently.

Check out our knowledge base article Why is my Duo hardware token frequently falling out of sync? for more.