Google Workspace

Hello! I am a new customer to Duo. I am trying to setup Google Workspace MFA. When I try to setup Google it says Duo SSO is required. I would prefer not to use Duo’s SSO since this is a small deployment. I then read in the documentation that you need SSO setup to protect Google, but the SSO idp cannot be the same Google account you want to protect. I’m really at a loss here as our main identity provider is Google and don’t have another identity provider. Am I out of luck?

Hi @CSlob,

Unfortunately, Google does not have a way to integrate other MFA providers into their system so using SSO is the only way. A side effect of that is that you cannot use Google as your authsource when also trying to protect that same Google account or it creates a redirect loop that will never complete.

There is no way to use the account already in Duo instead of another SSO source? As in manually managing the Duo accounts and not syncing?