Google duo account keeps registering is disabled and I'm now locked out of a gov website

Hi there!

My Google account keeps showing up as “Access Denied” and requests my password to reconnect. After I get a successful “Your account is reconnected” message it takes me back to the home screen where it still says Access Denied. Help? I need this for a government website as I’m currently applying for something and the only other option they list is to delete the account and therefore my application.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Zoe! It’s hard to tell what’s going on from the information that you’ve shared here. I have some follow-up questions for you to help better understand. When you say your Google Duo account, are you referring to the Duo video calling app? Or have you protected your personal Google account with Duo Mobile for authentication?
It sounds like you might be logging in to a website to submit an application using your Google Gmail account.

Having more information will help us to help you. Thanks in advance for clarifying!