Getting on premise for Windows Dag running

Hi all,
I downloaded the free ver of DAG and installed it on my 2019 Server, so we’re trying to get a test run for a pilot group of users, we have AD, I have the DAG setup and connected to AD, I’m reading on the docs it mentioned the next step is to protect applications, but I don’t see that option on the free version, and also read that I may need to sign up and do a trial, so I did, and now I see it, but that looks like its for the cloud, so my questions is how do I get my on premise DAG server working with our internal apps like OWA, globalprotect, rdp
thanks in advanced

Hey @cdcirexx, just a heads up that I shared your question with the accounts team at Duo, so someone is aware and should be reaching out to you, if they have not already. Our sales team is really the best equipped to answer this, but I understand you may want more of a customer perspective. Hoping some folks can weigh in :slight_smile:

You’re correct in noting that Duo Access Gateway is an on-premises solution that secures access to cloud applications. You can read about the differences between DAG, DNG, and Duo SSO in the Duo knowledge base. For GlobalProtect, you can use our documentation here for Palo Alto SSO with Duo Access Gateway to set this up, provided you are using SAML 2.0 for authentication. To protect Remote Desktop logins, you will need Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP. OWA I am less sure of because there are a lot of variable conditions that impact how you protect it. Again, support or sales would be your best bet for getting a thorough, Duo-certified answer to this.