Generic SAML Service Provider - Single Sign-On and SharePoint 2019 On-Premise

Does anyone have any experience in integrating SharePoint 2019 (on-premise) with Duo’s Generic SAML Service Provider - Single Sign-On application. I’ve got Duo Single Sign-On working with our on-premise AD. This is my first time attempting SAML integration with anything. So I’ve read up on SAML 2.0, Duo’s documentation on Duo Single Sign-On for Generic SAML Service Providers and SharePoint’s documentation on Implement SAML based authentication in SharePoint server. So I understand how its all supposed to work, however Duo’s documentation and SharePoint’s documentation don’t really give a clear picture of how they can work together. Any help, suggestions, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

It’s been six days since my original post and no one has responded. So no one in the community has attempted to use Duo’s Generic SAML Service Provider - Single Sign On application with ANY on premise Microsoft product?! I know I stated SharePoint in the original message, but just to get the conversation started I’d be happy to learn from anyone with experience using this application with any on-premise Microsoft server product that has a web server interface (e.g. OWA). Should this question be for Duo’s support team instead?