Generate Links to Self-Service Portal


Is there any way to generate links to the self-service portal?

The Duo prompt is not a reliable point of entry because users can choose to be remembered. When that is the case, the Duo prompt is not displayed and the user is unable to view or click on “My Settings & Devices” or “Add a new device.”

For users who select the “remember me” option, any documentation or instructions on how to manage their settings would not work – or would be complicated by saying, “If you don’t see the Duo prompt when you log in, switch to a new browser / open your browser in private browsing mode / clear all cookies / wait [remember me limit time] and try again.” That’s a non-starter for non-technical users (most of our userbase).

It seems like a user experience and support nightmare. I’ve looked through the docs and cannot see a solution. What am I missing?


Heya jsturgill, setting up a standalone Device Management Portal might be what you’re after.


Yup, that looks exactly like what I was looking for.

Thanks for the quick reply.