Functionality of Duo Auth for RDWeb/Gateway with Android/Apple Remote Desktop App


Hello all,

Recently we implemented both Duo Auth for RDWeb and RD Gateway successfully. One thing we have noticed is that users that connect to the desktop via Remote Resources (the RDWeb aspx link) on the official Android/Apple Remote Desktop apps can no longer connect. The app is stating that the Web Feed URL is now not valid despite it working prior to the Duo Auth being installed.

As a temporary fix, I have discovered that logging into RDWeb via phone browser and opening the RDP file via the app seems to work as a one time instance but the moment I try to re-launch it stops working.

Has anyone experienced this or knows which of the two applications is likely to be causing it?

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Hi IndigoRyan,

Installing Duo for RDWeb prevents use of the remote app feed, which is noted right in the Overview section of our RD Web instructions as well as in the FAQ How does Duo Authentication for RD Web affect RemoteApp and Desktop Connections?.

If your deployment relies on having the remote app feed available, we suggest that you not install Duo on your RD Web server and instead just install it on RD Gateway (or consider installing Duo for Windows Logon on your session hosts instead).


Hi Kristina,

Thank you for clarifying this for me! (Not really sure how I overlooked this when installing)

I will feed this info back to our client.

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