Four duo mobile users access one RDP specific user


Can I use duo mobile to allow four different accounts to access one RDP specific user?

Hi @Ganu,
It looks like you may have gotten the answer from our support team already, but I am sharing it here as well for others to see in case it helps someone else in the Community.
I understand that you would like to share a single account with multiple users for Windows Logon and RDP. If you are using a shared administrator account to access a Windows machine, you can attach multiple devices to the user in Duo so that each person using the account can receive two-factor authentication (2FA) to their own device. Please see our help article on how to add a new phone as an authentication device here, and you can also read our documentation on managing 2FA devices if you need more detailed instructions.
Please note that you will need to disable auto-push to allow users to pick their device from a dropdown list. See how to configure auto-push for Windows Logon console and RDP logins in this help article.

Hope that helps! Thank you for sharing your question in the Community, and welcome to the forums :smiley: