Forticlient SSL-VPN notification

Hello all,

I’m newly using duo for 2fa on fortigate vpn solutions. Some of users can’t afford this they are not see any notification like “allow push on your phone”. After that they are thinking vpn service is down. Is there any way to show some notification on forticlient?

Like this just some text is enough:


Hi @Ayberk_EREN, I understand you’d like to display some sort of message on the Forticlient VPN to indicate an authentication request has been automatically sent to the user during login. I am not aware of a way to do this, and I’m not seeing anything that would help in our internal documentation pages.

You might have luck posting in the Fortinet Community. Also, an end-user education campaign either via email or with your own documentation you create could help here. If you explain and show what the experience should be like, your users will know what to expect. That requires some time and effort, though, so it may not be feasible. Just a thought!

Hi Amy, thank you so much i’ll try to improve end-user documentation.