Forntinet SSL VPN 2fa

Hello All,

Need to know is it possible to achieve 2fa for Fortinet SSL VPN users.

Like primary authentication will be users who are locally configured on Fortinet device (no Ad server here) and second will be via duo.

Please help me

Hi Vishal,

Welcome to the Duo Community! I removed your other post on this topic, as it was a duplicate. We ask that you don’t create duplicate posts here to help keep the community organized. It makes it easier for others to find and answer your post, too. You can read our guidelines here for more.

To answer your question, yes it is possible. We have docs that explain how to do this here: 2FA for Fortinet FortiGate SSL VPN Clients with RADIUS Auto Push | Duo Security
You also might find the related Fortinet articles in our knowledge base helpful if you run into any questions (link here).

Hope that helps!


Thanks for replying.

I’m asking about primary authentication will be local only i.e users created on firewall manually and secondary authentication will be via duo.

Awaiting response.