Force users to use DUO/Office 365

Is there a way to force users that use the Outlook desktop app to sign up for DUO?
Currently, I can only send them an enrollment email. Would love it if I could either force them to sign up ( similar to logging in on the browser) or block them if they are not enrolled.

I’ve never succeeded with the Outlook app, although I haven’t tried very hard. We enroll them by forcing enrollment through our ADFS web apps. They get prompted to enroll when they try to log in.

But would you want an unenrolled user enrolling from a location outside of your trusted network(s)?

We deny unenrolled users from enrolling should they attempt anywhere but our trusted networks. The only way they can access protected assets remotely is after they complete the enrollment process. Theoretically if their credentials were compromised, there would be no way to ascertain the enrollment was from an unknown actor until after the fact.

Just something to think about.

  • Kevin