Force Push Notifications


I am building an application that does not really use a web browser.

When signing up for the service, the user does use a regular browser workflow to signup for our service. At this stage, their pair their ipad/iphone with our app normally.

However, After that logging on to the “app” is be carried out via proximity: Once the user is within range of a certain geographic peremiter, the user should sign in via DUO.
Meaning: The user walks into our building, and is required to authorise themselves on their phone via duo mobile. There is no browser or interactive app (besides duo) at that stage.

To make this happen I need is 2 things:

  1. At the service signup stage ( with the webrowser) , how do I constrain the duo signup to allow only non-interactive push notifications? (no codes,no sms’s, nothing that would require interaction through a webform)
  2. At a later date, when I use my own hardware to detect a “login” request, how can I initiate a push request to the users’ iphone, without them having to open a browser? [ which DUO API should I use?]